Jon Schnitzer

live Interactive experiences



President obama's halloween party

Commissioned by Tim Burton to produce 3D ghost illusions for President Obama's first Halloween Party at The White House.  


carnival of souls: a 3D Scare house

Producer of the 3D horror attraction for YouTube RED Studios Halloween party. Guests wore 3D glasses and where immersed in a world of psychadellic art, contorshionists and killer clowns.


The makkabees: hanukah breaker battle

Produced The Makkabbees CD Vol Aleph "Heavy Metal Versions Of Your Favorite Jewish Folksongs". We created a massive Hanukah release party at the Gershwin Hotel on Hollywood Blvd where guests could play the dredil drinking game, take a photo with an Orthodox Rabbi or cheer on the breakdancers from the film "You Got Served" as they battled for a menorah trophy during the Makkabees performance. 




fight of the living dead

Producer and creative director of the "Zombie Contamination" horror attraction at YouTube RED Studios for the "Fight Of The Living Dead" World Premiere. 


BlOOD OFFERINGS: The LEgend Of The iron witch

Produced Blood Offerings the first horror attraction at ScareLA, The Los Angeles Halloween Convention.